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Export services

What is the condition of your products?

Our assortment consists of b-grade quality furniture from Dutch brands. Our stock contains products from:

  • Overstock, products that were pulled from the stores to make room for the new collection and showroom models.
  • Products that are returned within their warranty period.
  • Furniture with minor imperfections and defects and furniture with damages from transport.

Furniture with defects are skillfully restored in our workshop, so that the furniture is retail ready. For more information about our collection of furniture we refer to our furniture page.

What is the content of the truckload?

The truck contains 120 items. The minimum acquirement is 1 truck. Depending on your demand the content of the truck contains b-grade or c-grade quality furniture. The sale of a truckload is based on the principles of a blind auction, therefore it is not possible to inspect the stock beforehand.

Can I get a shipping quote?

You can contact us by e-mail for a shipping quote. Please provide us with following details:
Do you require transportation, or are you providing your own transportation?
The destination of your warehouse.
Specific requirement regarding delivery.
The desired timeframe of delivery.

What are the payment requirements?

We only accept payment by bank wire transfer and only after the payment is received the stock is shipped.

What about transportation?

We offer the possibility to arrange transportation at an additional cost. You can also arrange your own transportation. The truck will be hand loaded by our team and according to international loading procedures. Our stock is located in our warehouse in the Netherlands and will be shipped from this location.

Email us for more information about our export services

If you are interested in purchasing a truckload of our furniture, please contact us by email. E-mail us for the price and availability of the stock, we can get you a shipping quote.

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