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Our furniture

Dutch quality b-grade furniture

Our selection consists of Dutch brand b-grade quality furniture. Our b-grade furniture is carefully selected and and inspected. If necessary the furniture is skillfully restored in our workshop. Therefore, our b-grade furniture is retail ready. Please contact us by email for more information about the price of a truck load of b-grade quality furniture.

Dutch quality c-grade furniture

We also offer a selection of Dutch brand c-grade quality furniture. These items are often incomplete. For example just tabletops or table-legs, chair seats or chair-legs and cabinets without doors. C-grade furniture is not yet retail ready, but can be altered and restored at your own discretion. Please contact us by email for more information about the price of a truck load of c-grade quality furniture.

Furniture styles and materials

We offer a wide range of furniture in different styles and designs. Our selection consists of modern furniture, industrial furniture and rustic and classic furniture. Moreover, we offer furniture in many different materials and finishes. We offer furniture in several types of wood, for example teak wood, oak wood, acacia wood, kikar wood and sheesham wood. We also have furniture made from driftwood and old wood. All the different types of wood can be executed in a variety of finishes, like rivergrey, whitewash, lava and castle sand. Apart from wood, our furniture can also contain elements of steel or stainless steel.

Our assortment consists of furniture from overstock, showroom models, returns within guaranty, furniture with minor imperfections and defects and furniture with damages from transport. Therefore, it is not possible to order our furniture in different colors or materials.

Contact us for more information about our export services

To get an impression of our selection of furniture, we like to refer you to our webshop. Like what you see? If you are interested in purchasing a truck load of our furniture, please contact us by email. Read more about the requirements and instructions on our export page.

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